K-x Battery Experience

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K-x Battery Experience

I know there are other K-x battery threads, but I thought I'd start a new one as I've done a fair amount of testing with different battery brands.

I picked up a K-x last week in Toronto (replaced a K10D) and am having all sorts of issues with batteries.

I've been trying the camera with rechargeable NiMH batteries. I'm up to eight different sets with varying levels of success. Some of the sets are quite old, others purcahsed brand new with the camera. Here's a quick run down.

Kodak 1600mAh (5 years old) - they work but I never get a green indicator, orange only and then red (depleted) usually as soon as I turn the camera on.

Kodak 1850mAh (3 years old) - same situation as the Kodak 1600mAh but I can get a few shots off before the depleted warning.

Power2000 1800mAh (2 years old) - turn off and on a few times and I get a green indicator most times but occasionally get an orange indicator. I have not seen a depleted indicator with these batteries and have successfully used then get take a fair number of photos.

CamPower 2500mAh (1 year old) - varying levels of success with this set, usually the camera will indicate green when first on, but then drop to orange under load (movies). Turn the camera off and back on, and I get green again. Take another movie, see green during and after the shoot.

Sony CycleEnergy 2500mAh (1 year old) - these batteries I've had the most success with. I've only seen the orange indicator once, right after turning the camera off from a green indicator. I've been using these batteries mostly as they seem to be the most consistent.

UltraPro 2500mAh (1 year old) - not even recognized, the camera has never turned on with this battery model no matter how long I wait or turn the camera on and off and back on again.

GP ReCyko+ 2050mAh (brand new - 2 sets) - I almost consistently see a red depleted indicator when I turn on the camera with both these sets. In most cases it takes a number of off-on-off-on's to get these recognized. I have been able to get a few shots off if I see an orange indicator when the camera is first turned on. I'm most upset that these batteries don't work because they are rated about the best available.

I've checked to insure battery power using a meter and trying the sets out in a 360FGZ flash - they all work fine. I've also tried the camera with both Auto and NiMN battery settings. Lastly, I've even depleted sets of batteries and used a different changer to recharge the batteries and still have issues. The situation seems almost random which is a concen.

Waiting even a few seconds for the camera to 'recognize' the battery type before turning it on is a concern especially if I'm in a situation where I need to change the batteries quickly to continuing shooting.

The biggest concern is that I can't trust the battery level indicator. I can put in a freshly charged set of batteries, turn on the camera, turn it off and back on again (so it actually turns on this time - why do I need to turn it on twice?), see a full green indicator. Take a few shots, maybe a video, turn the camera off, turn the camera back on and now I see an orange, half full indicator. Turn it off and back on again and see green again. I've even seen it go from green to red which results in the Battery Depleted error and then I have all sorts of issues getting another set of batteries to work.

I also had an issue with two hot pixels that would show up in videos. I was able to 'correct' these by using the pixel mapping tool in the camera.

Overall I like the camera, images are fantastic, size is perfect, but if I continue to have issues with the batteries it will have to go back.


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