Full frame vs crop sensor, can people really tell the difference?

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Re: Full frame vs crop sensor, can people really tell the difference?

jl_smith wrote:

I believe in many of my shots, I can tell the difference, and that's just not by looking at the exif.

FF shots (good ones), just show a certain quality that you don't get from crop. Please note that I'm a crop shooter, not a FF fanboy, but I've shot FF before.

It's not just about pixel count, etc - it's about pixel quality . Sometimes it's a very subtle difference, and sometimes the difference isn't there at all.

When you combine FF's noise benefits, usually higher DR benefits, etc. you ultimately get a better overall IQ image than from crop. Certain situations just show off the difference better than others.

I second that.

I too use a crop camera and I still love using my camera so I am not biased.

I saw a presentation a while ago. About half of the images were shot with a 30D and the other half with a 5DMKII. The images were not in high resolution but I could immediately tell which image was shot with the 30D and which with the 5DMKII. The 5DMKII photos had less noise, had better colour and were crisper than the 30D. They were just better overall. The images were shot by the same person and with the same lenses so it was not a difference in ability or lens.

This convinced me that if I want a significant IQ improvement from my next camera it has to be a FF camera. Don't get me wrong. The 7D looks like it is a great camera but the next FF using the same technology will be super. We saw an example of what we can expect with the 1DMKIV and that is APS-H.

I am patiently waiting for its release and in the meantime I get excellent results from my 20D.

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