Fast & Dirty Crop and Save Editor?

Started Sep 9, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Rich Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 659
Fast & Dirty Crop and Save Editor?

Hoping someone can point me to a fast-workflow crop and save editor. I spent last evening editing about 300 jpeg images of my son's soccer tournament - took me forever!

I am looking for an editor with browser type buttons that will let you rapidly move through all the jpegs in a directory without having to leave the editor to get the next picture. The workflow is very simple:

1. Get picture - assess for content, exposure and sharpness. Delete if bad.

2. If a keeper - Crop and save.

3. Move to next picture.

All the pictures were taken with a D100 set to fine jpeg, high sharpening. I find this works very well for "non art" sports pictures. Once the keepers are cropped, I batch resize them for the web and post them for the team to look at.

I have tried Photoshop 6, Photoshop Elements, Nikon Capture 3, Moose Peterson's Digital Pro, Bibble, MGI Photosuite and Microsoft Photo Editor. All of these can do the job and are great tools for creating artwork but are not very fast for bulk work.

Digital Pro comes closest in that it can assess sharpening and delete the losers but no crop and save. I wound up using Nikon View Browser and Editor but still had to switch back and forth between the browser and editor to load each picture. There has to be a better way.

Any suggestions / secrets will be much appreciated.


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