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Re: I don't understand this forum

Well said and all to true!

Befor I forget, please show us some images from your S90!

I to took classes and worked in both b/w and color dark rooms.

I miss the days of doing so. Digital now lets me do as well or better at home, but I miss the human part, that came with working in a college darkroom.

I have had my S90 for little less than a week, but so far it's so much fun and just a great always with you camera.

I agree to many get obsess with how the S90 compares at Iso 1600 vs other cameras.

Thats their right, only sad when someone get so personal and make attacts on another person. Remember it's lifeless equipmet, not a loved one!

It's human nature to want the best we call afford, but the smart ones undersatnd the biggest limiting thing today is not the camera, but are own skill!

On my best day, I'll be hard press to equal what so many did with film, no auto anything! Todays cameras make doing things easer than in the past, but it will allways be the same, skill wins! Not the equipment.


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take it slow

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