Frustrating (a bit) AF on D700

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Frustrating (a bit) AF on D700

Well... I'll come clean... none of my current (or previous) Canon bodies does this...

Here goes. Especially in challenging lighting conditions, the AF on my D700 "micro-hunts" for the "perfect" focus. It takes maybe twice the time my dusty 5D does to lock, by shifting around the perfect focus 3-4 times (sometimes more). It basically acts like a servo system (which it is) with a big (or improperly tuned out) inertia mismatch, by overshooting its intended position, coming back, overshooting again (by a smaller margin) and so on until it reaches the proper position. While all this back-and-forth going is actually pretty quick, it still taking longer than my 5D in similar conditions. Granted, the D700 will actually try and finally acquire focus in situation where the 5D simply will not work at all.

The actually really puzzling bit comes however in excellent light with plenty of edges for good focus target where sometimes the D700 will still go twice while the 5D will simply send the focus where it needs to be and stay there (100 % of the time). It's almost like D700's AF "nervousness" is working against it...

Both cameras are set to single focus (center) point and single shot AF settings (AF-S on the Nikon) 28-70 f2.8L on the Canon, 24-70 f2.8 on the Nikon (awesome lens btw)

Does anyone else experience this sort of behavior? Is this normal for Nikon? (my even older D70 sort-of does it as well at times).

Thanks in advance.


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