I can't decide on a tripod :o(

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Re: I can't decide on a tripod :o(

WilbaW wrote:

Y0GI wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

Fiona80 wrote:

At the same time though, I think the 055CXPRO3 + 488RC2 is a good combo.

Don't buy one of those boring old-fashioned heads before you try a 322RC2!

Here's that Adorama kit I was talking about - http://www.adorama.com/BG055XPROBKC.html

[Must remember to check whether DPReview software has botched my links :-)]

How does that 322RC2 head work? Is it like a ball head with a trigger release? Or is it a pan/tilt?

It's a ball head with a nice big handle. You mainly steer the handle rather than the camera. The handle has a built-in lever to unload the lock - squeeze-steer-release.

It has two ergonomic advantages - you can do it all one handed (with a light-weight camera and lens), and I believe you can use it faster than a conventional ball head. Not everyone will like it, so try before you buy. I was sold as soon as I touched one (but then I have a thing for efficient ergonomics, lateral solutions, elegant design, etc.).

Thanks for the info, WilbaW! I've seen that trigger-grip numerous times but I've never heard how it works.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of photography, the results depend on the 'nut' behind the camera!

See the 'Plan' in my 'Profile' for my current equipment.

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