Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

BudH wrote:


I hope this message finds you well, just wondering about version 1.0. I hope I am not being a pest.

Bud, I am working on it, but off and on. Doing the DNG compression turned out to be a little more complex than anticipated as they use different Huffman compression tables for alternating photosites in the tiles, which previous decoders and encoders I had encountered require only one. I was also trying to release one final version that would take care of pretty well everyone's needs, including using multicore processors to make batch conversion faster. I now think that the operations will be I/O bound for most computers anyway, so that gains might not be work the extra work, and have discontinued that train, at least for now.

I have most of the next version written, and am just doing a little clean up with considering the how to support the slight differences between DNG version 1.0, the most common version 1.1, and future versions that may be used including version 1.3. The main complexity is what to do if there are "sub-tiles" as is supported in new versions of DNG conversions.

Although it isn't so convenient, you can actually use the program as is if you use the free Adobe DNG Converter to convert any of your files to a uncompressed DNG (version 1.1 to be safe, whether there is an embedded JPEG preview of any size doesn't matter) and run the program on that. You might do this on some of your biggest "problem" image files to see if the results work for you.

Meanwhile, version 1.0 should be "real soon now".

Regards, GordonBGood

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