I stole a Pentax k2000, so please welcome me to the forum

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I stole a Pentax k2000, so please welcome me to the forum

It's true, I stole a Pentax k2000. I bought one from Samsclub.com for $399 and it arrived today. A family memer that has a business put me on this Samsclub in my state and I've rarely even gone to the store, but I was able to use it online to steal this camera. I truly believe it was a steal because at other places online (even walmart.com which sales it right now for $429.88), at many other reputable online camera websites it's not even available as it has been discontinued. So I bought a damn good discontinued camera that is brand new. The added perk is that I can take it back to Samsclub local store with no time restrictions if I keep my packing material (according to the local Sams Club store that I called and asked that specifically). So yes, I do believe I stole this camera - what do you think?

This camera just came in today, and it was suppose to be my Christmas present from my wife, but guess what - it's not going under the tree and it is not going back to samsclub. I love this camera. I had used an old prosumer Olympus c5050z for 6 years, which took very good pics, but not as good pics as this camera (my wife even agreed the colors are much more accurate) and that old prosumer camera was slow - both at taking pictures and saving pics to wait to take another one. This k2000 actually cost a lot less than that c5050z which I bought 6 years ago (I think I paid around $600 for it).

I do have a few questions if anyone would entertain answering them.

1) This camera will accept any Pentax lens ever made (so I've read). I plan to buy used lenses off of the auction site. Is there any downfall to buying an older Pentax lens that was used on a Pentax film camera years ago versus a newer Pentax lens that was made for a Pentax digital SLR?

2) I received this camera before I read the specs. And it does not bother me one bit that it takes AA batteries and not a priority battery (same as my old c5050z). However, I know priority batteries have their upside as they will hold a charge much longer and you can get many more photos out of them. However, I read somewhere some time back that there are actually rechargeable AA batteries that are just as good as priority batteries - one must pay more for them but it would be worth it to me. Can anyone please recommend some type of AA battery that is rechargeable and almost or just as good as the priority batteries please.

3) I asked a friend, who is now serving in Iraq but I think his assignment is to take photographs as he is also a professional photographer, about, well I asked this friend via email what Pentax lens he would suggest for me to take close up photos of my 4 year old playing soccer on a big soccer field (me being on the side line). He recommended the Pentax 55-300mm (more consumer priced) or the

Pentax 60-250mm f/4.0 (more professional priced). My question to the forum is this, is this a good recommendation from my friend? Or could I get a 55-200mm or 60-200mm lens and take and get good pics (the 200mm lens cost less). I will quote him on what he said here, and I quote, "Now... the K2000 has a 1.5 magnification factor. That means the lenses above are actually approx. 80-450mm, and 90-375mm respectively. That gives you PLENTY of reach for soccer, etc. (For example, I use an 80-200mm as my primary lens, so you will get better reach with either of the above lenses). The difference in price is, well, a difference in quality. The f4.0 lens uses professional glass and is high-end. The 55-300mm is a slower and consumer level lens." He did in the end recommend I just get the consumer priced lens. Your thoughts on this please. Again, I'll pick one up on the auction site instead of buying a new one unless someone here tells me that's not a good idea.

4) I always read that dslr cameras can get dust on the sensor when changing lenses. This camera appears, from the menus, that it has some type of automatic dust off feature built into the camera. What does that do? Also, do some of you manually clean the sensor when the lens is off with a special cloth or chemical from time to time?

5) How do I set my preferences in this forum to automatically email me when someone replies to a post or post reply I've made?

That's it for now. Sorry that you all had to read here how I stole a Pentax camera. But you do what you have to do to get a Pentax camera.

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