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Re: DP2

isocb wrote:

the 3d quality has me transfixed and a bit tearful when I think of the countless wasted hours (and $$$) trying to achieve this quality with Nikon D200, Canon G6,7, Panasonic G1 with 20mm f1.7, GRD II, LX3 and so on....


Happy for you. As a Ricoh GX200 user, I await Ricoh to produce a camera with similar size sensor and lens quality at an affordable price. With the solid build and magnificent ergonomics of the GX200, such a camera should attract many who admire DP2 users but do not ourselves have the stomach for its often-mentioned shortcomings.

Incidentally, rumor is that Ricoh will announce a camera like this in two weeks.

This shot, "Climbing trees is hard work," grapples with the fact that a focus of interest with a dull dark color is surrounded by brighter, more colorful foliage. Post-processing with Raw Therapee

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