Nikon ViewNX 1.5.0

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Re: Updates from Nikon Message Center ... Re: Nikon ViewNX 1.5.0

I wouldn't be surprised if Nikon delays the Update information, via their product Message Center, simply because their servers are so slow. This way they allow those who manage to hear about the updates, via word of 'post', to do all of their downloading first, and then Nikon activates the Update link to the Message Center, and all others are thereby notified, therefore spreading the downloads over a wider period, and preventing possible hazards to their server systems.

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:

Without the e-mail from Nikonistas, but Nikon Message Center warns about both updates just now.

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:

Here in Europe now both are available (ViewNX -Transfer) ... after, Nikonians send us an e-mail ... after a few days have past, Nikon Message Center warns about updates. It's not bad, may be some overbooking in the servers?

dhouse53 wrote:

Updates of both ViewNX and Nikon Transfer are available at Nikon Support, and yet if I open each app individually, and check for updates, it says that none are availlable. You must go to the actual support page, find it there, and download from there. Come on Nikon, how about an update system that actually works?!

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