Will I be making a mistake....

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Will I be making a mistake....

I am not a pro, and I am about to purchase my first DSLR. Right now using a Nikon P&S. I will buy it during Thanksgiving holiday:

My budget is ~ $ 1k and my choices are:

1) D5K kit + 55-200 VR (from Costco) + SB400
2) D90 kit only

On this forum, almost everyone prefers D90, but I like the handling of D5K more myself after trying both the cameras.

The only things which I think I will miss about D90 are:

  • Better viewfinder

  • Better LCD

I will never ever use all other additional features of D90. I do not have any old lens, and I prefer buying new lens, so not having a motor in D5k does not bother me.

I really like smaller size of D5k and it suits me much better.

Also, I buy most of my big items from Costco and would definately prefer buying the camera also from them. I know that I would have to pay 6% tax here in MI, but it will give me a no questions asked 90 day return policy.

Right now Costco is not selling D90 + kit lens, so if I do buy D90, I will have to purchase from someone else.

So my question to you guys..........

I am going to make a mistake by purchasing D5k, even though it suits me more???

PS: My intentions are not to start a D5K V/S D90 thread. I have gone through practically all such threads myself.


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