Wow, the Tokina 12-24 is so much better than the Nikon 12-24

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Re: Wow, the Tokina 12-24 is so much better than the Nikon 12-24


I just got my Tokina 12-24 and tested it against the Nikon 12-24.
And the result surprised me very much. The Tokina eats the Nikon alilve.

A F4.0, there is just no comparison. Tokina does not lose any sharpness at all even wide open. It is as sharp at F4.0 as it is a F11.

The Nikon is too hazy and lacks sharpness and contrast wide open, but improves little bit by F5.6, but still not as contrasty and sharp as the Tokina at F4.0.

I tested the Tokina against the 17-55 in the ranges from 17-24mm, and there is VERY little difference between the two. I was very surprised.

I got the Tokina to make up my DX dream team as a light travel set, and I got the Nikon to add to my "serious" set to keep my 17-55 and 70-200 company. But now the Nikon is going back.

Maybe I have a really bad copy of the Nikon, and a really good copy of the Tokina.

I've used the tokina 12-24 lens, a very fine lens indeed. Only CA and flare that one should pay attention to when considering this lens, this is where the Nikon shines.To cut short I sold the Tokina, get the Nikkor, the tokina was more contrasty and has a cooler rendering while the Nikon has the typical Nikon rendering - neutral colors. Sharpness wise, they're the same, if you get a Tokina that eats the Nikon, perhaps its how you focus the Image (different focus distance), or you got a bad copy.

If you're on the budget, the Tokina is the best deal indeed, better than the Sigma 10-20 IMHO.

Here's a few from Nikon 12-24:

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Cheers, Reza

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