I can't decide on a tripod :o(

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Re: I can't decide on a tripod :o(

Hi fiona i Purchased a Manfotto monopod when i got my camera and soon discovered that you were limited to the angle you could uses it at ie the monopod was alwas at 90 degres to the ground severley limitting your shots so i went out and purchased a Manfotto ball head 486 rc2 This does work a treat but doing long exposure shots again you have problems holding the camera steady. I overcame the problem where i bought large rubber bands from a garden centre(the bands are for supporting you trees to stakes they come in various sizes and only cost a few quid) they have a type of locking system so they can be adjusted. Iwould strap them around a chair leg or balcony giving you the support you req for a long exposure,the only downside is you may not always have a chair or balcony when shooting. So next up was a Manfrotto Tripod 190xprob which is a fantastic bit of of kit as you can adjust the legs to suit your requirements You can also slide out the top section to sit at 90deg to the tripod. It is a bit heavy to carry around but i guess unless you go for a carbon tripod i would imagaine they all are heavy. I made up a sholder strap for mine and found this helps carrying it around .I can also switch the ball head between the tripod and monopod if required Hope this helps Gary


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