[GF1] The frustration of living in Japan

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Re: [GF1] The frustration of living in Japan

mihama01 wrote:

So back to the original quastion, has anyone tried flashing a Japanese GF1 with International (non Japanese) firmware? Does the camera still operate?

I believe that white is only available in Japan....

Every forum that has this topic seems to imply that it's not doable. Can't flash the firmware from "local" JP to "international". Now whether someone has attempted to disassemble the package and fool/change at a binary level to allow it, I don't think anyone has attempted that.

As for the white version, that's not entirely true. You can find an international white version in Hong Kong. Apparently HK's the only place where you can find all 4 colours but with international language. How they scored that, I have -no- idea.

In the end I think I'm going to end up with a local JP version. Going through the menus in DPR's GF1 review, I think there's only a few options I'd change regularly and everything else I'd probably set once and never touch. But probably the main deciding factor is that the local JP GF1 is cheaper than the international version (at least comparing in Yahoo Auction/Kakaku vs eBay). So I don't think spending extra $100-300 is worth it just for the English language.

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