I can't decide on a tripod :o(

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I can't decide on a tripod :o(


I have managed to decide on a camera body, lenses, bags, hard drives, sd cards etc etc but I can't for the life of me decide on a tripod!

I am looking at Gitzo and Manfrotto brands and am just confused about what I should get. I did go into a few camera shops and had a look at what they have but the variety is limited and the brand they seem to stock the most of is Giotto.

I want to buy a good tripod so am happy to pay a bit of money for it if need be. I'd much prefer to buy something good and expensive once then to buy something crap and have to replace it or feel disappointed about its performance.

In all honesty I'm probably going to use the tripod mosty for wideangle shots so it doesn't have to have a huge load capacity. However, I do have the 100-400L and it seems daft to purchase a tripod that is only suitable for my wideangle lens. So in my ideal world, I'd like a tripod that can handle my heaviest lens too. As a result, I don't know what sort of load capacity I should be looking at. Most of the Manfrotto ones I like have a load capacity of 5kg and I read somewhere that the load capacity should be around 50% over the weight of your camera/lens etc (or something like that!). So I'm guessing the tripods with a 5kg load capacity arent good enough.

So I'm just confused. I wanted a carbon fibre tripod because they're lighter and I'm quite little and there's not much point in me having a super sturdy tripod if it's too heavy to carry around with me. Plus I've heard carbon dampens vibrations better than aluminium etc. But then I'm kindof thinking that if carbon is light it's probably less sturdy in windy situations for example?? Is that the case?

So, in my ideal world, I would like a tripod that's:
-made out of carbon
-isn't too long when closed up (compact!)
-doesn't weigh a tonne.

-can go down quite low to the ground (incase I decide to shoot macro in the future)
-has a load capacity that can handle my 100-400L
It doesn't have to be tall cos I'm pretty tiny (1.52m!!)

I have looked at some models but am really no further forward. I have been looking at tripods for around two wks now and I'm so tired of them! Why is there so many??!!

I know I will have to compromise between size/weight and sturdiness and I would probably prefer something that's a little larger (if it has to be!!) providing it's sturdy and I don't ever have to buy another one!

I would be happy with any advice.

Thank you!

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