D800 Maybe by years end

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Re: Unlikely to be named D800

Me was promised it wlll not be named D700X. I hope so, otherwise it will cost me some wine!

Furthermore I heard it will not have 24MP and also not the same sensor due to problems with video and that the it will be 18MP.

These are the names I heard last week again (I always ask once a week about news and which should come out in 2010.
D500 (DX)
A new wide angle prime lens
A new mid range zoom lens with VR
A super tele zoom lens with VR

No details yet

EDIT: the only detail I heard is that new Nikon items will be there in February 2010, don't know if February is a special month for Nikon, I'm not a Nikon guru and don't know there release history by heart.


jeff-c wrote:

In Nikon's DSLR history, they have been very consistently using odd and even numbers for each generation of their products.

The first generation:

D1, D1H, D1X, D100, D70, D50

Second generation:

D2H/D2Hs, D2X/D2Xs, D200, D80, D40, D40X, D60

Third generation (current one):

D3/D3s, D3X, D300, D700, D90, D5000, D3000

If the next Nikon DSLR is going to be the 24.5mp sensor in a D700 body, it's still the third generation and should be named in an odd number like D700X or D900.

Of course history may not repeat itself and the fourth generation may not need to start from a top pro body first.

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