CANON G11 - nice results. (PICS)

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CANON G11 - nice results. (PICS)

I just returned from a doing a talk at a convention in New Zealand and on the way there, I purchased the new Canon G11 Powershot. I made the decision based on what I had read and also based on several sample photographs shown here on DPreview. Here's my first results.

The G11 as seen by the IXUS 870is (see above)

But let's not complain that the 870is is a lightweight camera... see the image above as an example of its handheld capabilities without a flash.

Now this picture shows a great deal about the G11's ability to prevent blowout - especially of light toned objects in bright sunlight. I shot this image from my aircraft window and you can see the sun reflecting off the engine cowling whilst the clouds in the background are still fully detailed and shaded. Again, many cameras have trouble with this sort of a shot.

A silver ring that I purchased from the WETA workshop (a visual effects firm based in New Zealand). This was to exercise the capabilities of the camera for a handheld macro shot in resonably low light.

Taken indoors under 'natural' lighting (no flash). I was resting my elbows on a rail at the time this shot was taken... so perhaps I cheated a little.

A cropped image showing one of two pigeons that I had photographed in the same frame. They look a little creepy with their red & white eyes.

I love this picture because few cameras can capture the range of lighting within this sort of a picture without severe blooming.

My wife Rena using her own Canon IXUS to take a picture of a reflective ceiling in a Starbucks Cafe.

Just another night shot - handheld. Nothing to see here. (I did rest up against a street pole for stability).

Just taking advantage of the 28mm wide (equiv) lens again. I like how much detail and subtle shading was preserved in the leaves on either side of the cottage.

Testing the "Indoor Mode" (Scene Setting on the Command Dial). My wife (right) is posing next to friend and actress Gigi (Chiana from the Farscape television series). There's a little bit of automatic noise reduction taking place.

My wife with friends crossing the road in the city on the way to dinner. I'm pretty sure that few of my cameras could capture this without blur.

Again, those of you who have photographed neon signs will know just how hard this is to pull off properly. This shot was taken by hand whilst standing on a street in Aukland at night. No noticeable noise and great color accuracy.

Night time city building in downtown Aukland. This was taken from a bus terminal as I leaned against a street pole for added stability. Great details and subtle lighting levels were captured.

Actor Seth Green ("Austin Powers" and "Robot Chicken") and I were both appearing as guests at the convention. This is another example of when a 28mm wide lens is handy.

Nice results and great detail was captured in this Maco image.

Probably a mundane shot to some of you but I liked the access to detail and color in the same shot.

This image shows how well the G11 handles lowlight with detail on a handheld shot when compared to the smaller Canon IXUS 870is. Both images were taken with maximum zoom in lowlight conditions at ISO 400. The G11 has a much smoother picture with better dynamic range.

Now the G11 is not the be-all and end-all for cameras. Some of my images didn't turn out as I'd hoped they would.... but in every instance it was my own fault for wanting to stick to the same settings, even when the lighting conditions had changed.

This shot was taken in a very dimly lit Moroccan restaurant by candlelight. The resulting ISO 1600 image was detailed and with reasonably low noise for such a dim shot. I had to check the EXIF data to be sure it wasn't ISO 400.

What I liked:

  • Comes VERY close to the results from my aging Canon Powershot Pro 1

  • GREAT low-noise results... even with aggressively high ISO settings.

  • Compact and robustly constructed.

  • Long battery life.

  • Flip Screen.

  • Great video quality.

  • Live Histogram.

  • LCD Horizon display overlay available.

  • Mottled finish avoids smudges and fingerprints.

  • Hotshoe for EOS and external flash attachments.

What I don't Like:

  • Too easy to hit the wrong buttons when fumbling to turn it on.

  • Camera seems a little slow between selecting settings.

(note that Sandisk Ultra Extreme III SD card was used)

  • What the heck do I want with an optical viewfinder?

  • Vertical streaking in video visible when bright lights are seen.

7.7 out of 10.

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