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Re: CS4 Filter issue - Adobe Tech support response

jdoo wrote:

JayMurph wrote:

Just wanted to thank everyone for the time I was in 16 bit mode and changes to 8 bit was the fix.

Stangely enough though here is what adobe tech support suggested:

...blah blah blah

Thanks & regards
Adobe Support

Now does this mean that all filters should work regardless of what bit mode you are working in? I have not tried this yet just wondering if anyone has?

Mostly it probably means they didn't understand that it was only a few of the filters which were not showing up on the menus, and got confused. The problem with some filters and > 8 Bit mode images has been around for years with Photoshop (well before CS4).

Old Acct: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/postersprofile.asp?poster=hjigihivhdif


I am very much a novice when it comes to photoshop. I didn't have CS2 for very long before I upgraded to CS4. Needless to say it is a very steep learning curve (for me at least) and thanks to people like you on this forum ,you tube and the books I have been slowly getting things have definately gotten a bit easier/faster for me, especially since I have created a few actions (looking to create more) as I am inspired by various magazine, movie posters, ect... I find that I am looking at things more closely and when I have the chance I try to duplicate what I see.

Anyway, more than likely I will be back with more questions and as always I will appreciated then time and consideration of those willing to share there expiriences and knowledge...

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