Macro: 100 or 150 for 5D mk II

Started Oct 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
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jrscls wrote:

This is exactly why I passed on the IS model as I have more of an issue going back and forth and maintaining focus more than camera shake causing blur.

Finally someone that gets what I'm trying to say! IS is not much of a help for handheld macro shooting unless your subject is at eye level.

I think Canon's MO is to put IS in nearly every new lens because of brands that put moving sensors in their dSLRs. It would seem an easier solution for Canon to make their sensors provide IS rather than put out more expensive models. I can see them doing this for their entry level models (XS and T1i) to gain buyers. And most of the sales volume for Canon is entry level models so it would be a sure win and would force nikon to also make its d3000 and d5000 entry level model lines have moving image sensors.

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