Better lens trumps better camera? K-7 x K100D measurebation pt.1

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Re: Better lens trumps better camera? K-7 x K100D measurebation pt.1

thiago_silva wrote:

Ok, I'll bite. What's this inside joke about?

Not exactly a joke, but a reference to discussion over on the "other" Pentax forum about the focus adjustment feature on some cameras and how important it is. While some FF or BF is always going to exist (it's impossible to calibrate these things down to the nanometer), minor FF/BF will be masked by the DOF at a sufficiently small aperture. DOF is so shallow, at, say f/1.0, that it wouldn't surprise me if many cameras would be unable to achieve correct focus at that aperture. Conversely, DOF is so large at f/16 that I doubt any camera has a BF/FF issue so severe that it cannot get the subject in focus at that aperture.

My claim is that any camera/lens than cannot produce an in-focus picture at f/2.8 is defective , and can and should be repaired/replaced under warranty, because a user has a right to expect to be able to take in-focus pictures at f/2.8 whether or not one's camera has the focus adjustment feature. Others feel that severe BF/FF problems are so common - and that this doesn't represent a defect that Pentax would rectify under warranty - that only cameras with the focus adjustment feature can be expected to yield in focus pictures at f/2.8.

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