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Re: News flash!

"I am not buying anymore lenses for my A700 until I know the direction Sony is taking."

This is the part of the whole discussion that I don't get. I would think that Sony's marketing would be obvious by now. They see their customer base (being built) as the new DSLR owners, not the old film users (what you would call "advanced amateurs") and they are going to build 'new' cameras for these users and build advanced bodies as these users advance. I'm not saying that this is good or bad, just that it is. After the 600/650 and 820, are you still going to be asking the same question? - TF

rdardas wrote:

Indeed it is not a joking matter! Not knowing if there will be an update freezes those of us who have and really like the A700 into a "no further accessory or lens" mode. I am not buying anymore lenses for my A700 until I know the direction Sony is taking.

I had considered buying only lenses that could also be used with full frame until I saw the A850, which was not an advance in any sense of the word.

For me the prospect of eventually needing to switch brands if Sony has indeed abandoned the advanced amateur market, as exemplified by the A700, is very real. I can wait another year to see what develops, but will be keeping a close eye on other manufacturer's products, something I would not have believed I would be saying a year ago.


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