Macro: 100 or 150 for 5D mk II

Started Oct 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
RedFox88 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,202
Sigma 150 because it comes with tripod collar

The Sigma 150 comes with a tripod collar, and I have the lens. Great macro lens, very sharp even wide open.

The Canon 100 macro does not come with a tripod collar and it would cost $150 extra! I would think 100mm on FF is not close enough, though you didn't state what you shoot with a macro.

And I don't see the point of IS in a macro lens. I find myself swaying "to and fro" when doing a handheld macro shot (to and away from my subject) and IS only compensates for movement side to side. When you move to and away from your subject at such close distances, the focus can greatly change ruining your photo. So IS for macro shooting is a waste of money IMHO!

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