hard to decide.......which lens?

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Re: hard to decide.......which lens?

As someone has suggested, it would be helpful to know what the specific problems were with the kit lens. I used the kit lens when I bought my 300D many years ago. It is quite a capable performer.

It is also hard to know what lens to recommend without knowing what you like to shoot. You have suggested the 24-105f4L. I use this lens a lot on my full-frame 5D. It is a big lens. It takes 77mm filters, more expense. Although I use it for portrait and model shoots, I don't take it out for shooting landscapes--too big and heavy.

Do you require wide angle? I do a lot of architectural shoots. In the city, the closer you ge tto a building, the less the clutter, like parked cars, you have to deal with. I need my 24 mm WA for that type of shot. Also I have one client in the adult entertainment business. He likes to book hotel rooms for a shoot. Shooting a full body shot of a towel clad model getting out of a bathtub in a cramped bathroom requires wide angle.

Just my thoughts.

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