the official first family portrait by Leibovitz

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Re: the official first family portrait by Leibovitz

cityphotographer wrote:

no, the composition is good. it's a candid after all
they are also posing nicely
it's the lighting and the shutter speed too fast that were a bit wrong.

You're joking, right?
Where to start?
What is supposed to be the focus of a portrait? The faces, right?

Pose in triangles, don't leave gaps, use arrms, legs or other elements to guide the viewer into and through the image to what you want them to see.

Poor choice of clothing for a family portrait, but say we ignore that for the moment. The what the subject's are arranged with what they're wearing is very uneven and distrating - the viewer's eye is pulled to the left where all the white clothing is concentrated.

The younger daughter's arm is growing out of Dad's back..while you want " connection" (and dad's not connected anyone -his hands are kept to himself) you don't want dismemberd limbs like this - never ever.

The other daughter's arm over mom's neck isn't much better, and with mom's arm hidden it just looks like Michelle has some deformed arm and missing sleeve.

OK, so where is there a big gap seperating the left and right pairs of people? VERY VERY VERY bad posing. A super big sin in ANY group pose. Give any teenager a camera and 4 people to shoot and you will not get any gaps and they're not trained in making cohesive images. It's a natural thing to do. But here? I guess Annie's a republican.

OK, on to the background. WTF? It's distracting as all hell. Photography is a subtractive art form - meaning that if it does not add to the image, remove it. That can be done with selective focus, moving camera positin, angle, moving the subject, posing to hide the BG behind the subject or just light the scene as to hide the bad stuff in shadow. But here? Doorframes, parts of pictures, the interiors of other rooms beyond the doorways...good lord, it's amateur hour at the white house.

This images sucks.

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