Warning!! Gross cooked pig pic taken with S90

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Re: Not shocked at all here ;-)

Exactly. And if anyone happened to catch the episode of Mythbusters, where they put a rotting pig corpse into a corvette, and locked it in a shipping container for a number of months. Only to try and remove the smell and see if they could sell the car.

The rotted pig corpse was quite vile, and for lack of a better term, globs of slimy pieces had worked their way into every open space of the vehicle. That makes this pig look no worse than a ham & cheese sandwich.

antoineb wrote:

Any episode of CSI or various other stuff that kids will get freely exposed to on public TV (such as news showing dead soldiers), makes your baked pig look very innocent. It would really be rather paradoxical if anyone complained!

What's the exif data on this file?


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