Where are the new lenses

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Re: Where are the new lenses

RobjDickinson wrote:

David C Harris wrote:

However, I completely agree the 24-70L sorely needs an update. Both Nikon and Sony (vis-a-vis Zeiss) have much or far better 24-70 f/2.8 offerings.

Neither of them have IS (OK in body..) and both are significantly more money.

Yes, and better quality.

An opticaly better I version from canon would be $2000-2500 US.

Assuming I could get around $1,000 for my used 24-70L, I'd gladly pay $1000-$1500 more to improve over 50% of my photos. I have far more than that invested in glass for the remaining minority of my photos.

With that said, I doubt it would be 2x the price. When Canon added IS and improved optics to the 70-200 f/4, the price didn't double. Rather, it increased by about 1.5x. So, I'm guessing an improved 24-70L IS would be around $1,800 or so.

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