Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Just deal with it

This is the impression I seem to get off people's posts in this forum, that they are far more important than the guests at the wedding, but it's not about getting the best pictures for the couple, it's more about getting the best pictures for themselves and their portfolio.

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

John, you nailed it - this air of self-importance is just so wrong. There's such an arrogance and deffensiveness among many wedding photographers - often, the most experienced ones. People need to embrace the times we live in. That means guests with the same gear, newbie weekend warriors doing weddings for 50% (I'm one, by the way!), requests for digital negatives, etc. Rather than fight these things, wedding pros should find ways to deal with them.

Totally agree with you Jeff.

There is too much self importance amongst wedding photographers and clients and guests hate it.

I like to make the photography a really enjoyable part of the day and positively encourage everyone to get involved. Get everyone laughing and we all have a ball. We all enjoy it and it makes my job great fun. Oh, and it cuts down on advertising costs (people do notice these things)!

And the pictures look loads better for it.

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