Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

This is the most sensible post i've seen on this thread.

I don't understand why it's only SLRs that get on the professionals nerves, when the vast majority of wedding guest will all have cameras.

I also think that some pro's believe that everyone is at the wedding to watch them work. Yes, people might get in the way of the shot, but is that them being rude and uncivil or did they just not realise that you were sitting 20ft back getting a picture when they wade in with the P&S 5ft away?

Andrew wrote:

I find slr guests are usually a lot more courteous and thoughtfull than the average guest with p&s/ phone camera.

Sometimes a guest has bigger/better/more gear than me. If I was hired because I had the good camera I suppose I would be intimidated, but I am not, so no.

As far as getting in the way of me getting my stuff, i treat them he same as anyone else who is doing so....I politely ask them to move/refrain/pull their head in etc for the sake of the B&G who are paying me to get these shots.

No one has ever come to bad words with me. SLR guests are the most like us, they love photography too, if it gets competitive we must overrule.

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