Which direction to go? Full Frame or micro43?

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Re: Which direction to go? Full Frame or micro43?

You could rephrase this as how much weight you want to carry!

I have a D300s and a micro 4/3rds Panasonic GF1. I used to have an LX3 but the GFI's autofocus and photo quality won me over. It's bigger but the LX3 still needed a decent-sized pocket.

In my opinion, there's more breadth in owning a crop DSLR and a micro 4/3rds than there is in between a crop DSLR & a FF DSLR. In the Nikon world, you can invest in FF glass and, when it's time to upgrade the crop DSLR in a few years, move to a FF body. At that time, with a wider gap, you'll have two versatile systems.

I think micro 4/3rds will become a very competitive space soon, so the quality of the sensors is likely to improve beyond the current good quality in comparative leaps and bounds.

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