G11 is great except for the viewfinder

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Re: G11 Better than Leica

Just for grins, I dug out my 1949 Leica IIIc to compare the viewfinder with my new Canon G11. The Canon wins hands down! The image is larger and clearer than on my Leica, and I can see all of it with my glasses on (which I cannot with the Leica).

I think of the hundreds of pictures taken with Leica IIIc's and IIIf's (similar viewfinder) by Cartier-Bresson and Eisenstaedt -- two of the greats of 20th century photography -- and I realize that it's all relative. Give either of those photographers a G11 before the M Leicas came out, and they would have thought they had been transported to heaven. I think the difference between them and me is talent, not viewfinders.

As to 77% field of view, if my calculations are correct, that amounts to 11.5 percent less at each edge than the picture contains. I anticipate using the viewfinder for 98 percent of the pix I take with the G11, and I can work OK with the current G11 viewfinder. It's a beautiful little camera. And, shoot, if it were perfect, we'd never get a G12.

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