Should I keep my new 50mm 1.4?

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Should I keep my new 50mm 1.4?

OK - long story...

Bought a Canon 50mm 1.4 EF new (from B&H - was an "import") back in about 1998. The lens never felt quite right from an AF or manual focus perspective, but seemed to work ok.

Years go by...I go from film to a D60 to today 5D MKii and 50D.

My 50mm 1.4 starts "squeaking" louder during AF and starts not focusing some of the time... I diagnosis it (with help) as a common issue with some 50's...

I send it to Canon service, spend $50 (plus shipping) and it comes back: AF seems better, squeaks much less (still some).

I calibrate teh microfocus (B 6) and start using it. Images are great.

Last week I do a shoot with it and notice that it seems to be having a tougher time with AF.

I decided to sell it. Get a decent price for it (it is sharp and it works, I'm mostly afraid that it'll "revert" and it still never felt great). It sold yesterday.

Today, I go to my local dealer and buy a new one. I try 3 of them first using Servo AF to listen to the lens focus and buy the quietest most solid focusing of the 3. Nice dealer.

I go home and check the lens out. Looks a bit soft...

I start doing some "Lens Align" testing and note that:

It front focuses a lot.

It needs a correction of around 17-18 units to pull in. BTW, tested this on 2 Canon bodies and go the same MicroFocus result (so it isn't my body).

This is an image (at f 1.4 with a 50D) with 17 units of Backward MicroFocus Adjust dialed in:

I'm kind of bummed that the new lens is off that many units as in addition to my digital bodies, I'd like to use the 50mm 1.4 on a couple of Canon film bodies that of course don't have a microfocus adjust (at least one that I can get to).

So... the bottom line question is, should I exchange the lens for another and try again?

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