S90 - Liked it but Returned for G11 --> a short story to share.....

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Re: S90 - Liked it but Returned for G11 --> a short story to share.....

I was curious and 'pushed' my S90 a little and no movement. However I was curious. So I headed to the local camera shop and played with the floor model. Pushed incredibly hard. If I held the camera that tight I would risk breaking a finger. However, there was some movement. Spent 35 mins pushing other cameras including high end ones and found places where they flexed also. I pushed on my Canon F-1 (you could hammer nails in with that one!) and it flexed in a few spots also. Same with all my coolpixes (995, 4500, 5700, 8800) D-90, G10, G11...

Conclusion: If you push hard enough, you can flex things. Since all cameras flexed in some area, flexing is not a discriminator between cameras. Picture quality and reliability are still better discriminators. However if a camera flexes in a way you don't like, don't buy it.

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