Canon G11 feedback

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Canon G11 feedback

Hello there,

First of all, I'm a very amateurish owner of a Nikon D3, that decided to buy a G11 hoping it would be a suitable walk-around camera.

As most DSLR users, I love to have easy access to controls, and as a D3 user, I'm used to a good quality, solid camera. I also have big hands, and I struggle to fiddle with miniaturized controls in very small cameras.

So, it is easy to see why the G11 seemed like a good choice.

My veredict after just a few shots in Tokyo and London during a business trip:

Overall: a good choice

Build quality: Good - it feels like a small brick.

Image quality: Noise good a low ISO, acceptable at high ISO. Sharpness soft at high ISO in particular. Overall good enough, particularly considering the size and price of the camera. White balance generally good, with a few exceptions.

Handling: Very good size. Big enough to fill large hands, and small enough to be pockeatable. Good direct access controls, brilliant information display while in use (I guess that Canon users are used to this), and the swivel screen is very good indeed - even if a tad too small.

So overall, this is certainly a keeper. Better than any other compact camera of this price I have tried, including any Nikons.

A link to images:


These are all JPEGs straight of the camera, some at low ISO, some at high ISO. Judge for yourselves.

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