S90 can now be compared at IR to the LX3/F200EXR ...

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Re: S90 lens

Like he said I love the Aspect ratio switch and the Q-Menu, to me these are a blessing. The LX3 just feels like, and acts like, a professional camera. I couldn't be happier I only wish the Aspect ratio switch did a Panoramic ratio and included the new 1:1 ratio. My only real complaint is that it picks up fingerprints easily, which makes it hard to keep clean. But man is that lens a huge advantage over the competition, like all cameras, the lens is an extremely important part!

Anfy wrote:

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LordGriNz wrote:

Plus I like all the extras built into the LX3 that the S90 lacks.

Like what?

Hot shoe flash, native 16:9 sensor mode, threaded lens barrel for converters/filters, HD movie mode.

But the S90 seems so interesting given its diminutive dimensions, so let us hope the DPR review will make clear that some IR results were due (as it seems from Dave's words) to a specific sample issue. DPreview?


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