Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Re: Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

wus wrote:

wow, what a thread ...

What I don't understand is why everybody seems to think that we will have either EVFs or OVFs - I can't see why it shouldn't be possible to get the best of both worlds.

Actually, I think you will find that most of those who object to EVFs on high-end cameras do so because the technology isn't yet good enough. Nothing you say in your post makes the slightest difference to that.

I, too, object EVFs as they are nowadays, as the only VF in a camera. However already since several years there are cameras out there (compacts, not SLRs) that have pretty high res EVFs, and there have always been situations where OVFs are pretty useless in my experience - low light particularly - where even a noisy, low frame rate EVF picture, which presents the dimly lit object with amplified brightness, would be extremely useful.
All I say is, I would welcome a camera which offers both.


Flap the mirror up and the OVF gets dark, the sensor sees the picture and provides data for the EVF which would then be enabled.

That's what Live View already does. You're simply suggesting that the Live View display is routed into a smaller LCD (or whatever) with an eyepiece, which brings us immediately back to whether the technology is good enough. Everything brings us back to that.

Agreed, and that always brings us back to price. Technology for better EVFs is available, the question is, how many people would pay the extra. I'd be willing to pay somewhat more, as long as it remains reasonable. Since the signal processing from the sensor is also already available - HD video - I think adding a small HD LCD panel shouldn't add too much to the price of an entry pro level DSLR of the kind of a EOS 5D Mk II or siimilar.


I, too, hope for a detachable, or optional external EVF, ideally something like a (again, sufficiently high resultion) Glasstron which connects wirelessly to the camera. Something that allows me to look into the EVF with both eyes in any case.

No doubt that would find applications, but it's hardly central to the argument is it? In any case it's already possible to route the LCD display to an external monitor, so if you genuinely want that you can have it today.

Oh, really? Which cameras offer that, today?

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