Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Re: Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

wow, what a thread ...

What I don't understand is why everybody seems to think that we will have either EVFs or OVFs - I can't see why it shouldn't be possible to get the best of both worlds. In my opinion it could be implemented relatively easily this way:

We already know (D)SLRs which superimpose AF sensor and other information on the OVF picture; instead of single LEDs or digits that are built in behind the pentaprism, a (sufficiently high resolution) LCD (or OLED?) panel behind a semitransparent pentaprism could provide a preview picture that is more useful than OVF's in certain situations.

Flap the mirror up and the OVF gets dark, the sensor sees the picture and provides data for the EVF which would then be enabled.

This would allow to use an SLR in a traditional way which I for sure prefer in most situations. (I certainly wouldn't buy a camera without an OVF.) In other situations, where the EVF is more useful one would push a button and switch to EVF. This button already exists on recent cameras: the live view button could double for this.

In this mode, the camera could and should switch the lens to the selected aperture so that the EVF would always show the picture with the correct DOF, at least when enough light is available for the sensor to provide a sufficiently noise free preview with a high enough frame rate. In extreme low light situations it would probably still be better to work with the lens fully open.

I, too, hope for a detachable, or optional external EVF, ideally something like a (again, sufficiently high resultion) Glasstron which connects wirelessly to the camera. Something that allows me to look into the EVF with both eyes in any case.

This could be very useful for shooting from perspectives where you can't easily look into a hard mounted viewfinder (OVF or EVF's don't differ in this point unfortunately). I am waiting since years for a top class DSLR with a tilt swivel display and live view. The unavailability of such a DSLR has so far kept me from buying one. With a good external EVF an articulating display wouldn't be needed.

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