Canon G11 Leather Case

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What to do with a never ready case.

I could care less about a never ready case.

Hate carrying a P&S from a neck strap. Looks a bit dorky. :} and I prefer them on a wrist strap. YMMV.

My main complaint is: They are a PIA for having your camera at the ready - one has to find a place to store the snap off part of the case and that is not always practical. For my G10 it does not fit in front pocket/back pocket of most men's pants. I tried one, and did not like it. Not sure what the women do with it.

And after time, they begin to stink. I don't know what chemicals/preservatives are added to keep the case soft but that has alway's concerned me about storing cameras for long periods of time in their cases and what it does to the leatherette (?) and optics of the camera itself.

Also, darn expensive considering the cost of the G10/G11.

What do you do with the flap when your shooting?

Anyway, JMHO.

Kind regards.

mcshan wrote:

Hi, I ordered this one. This is the seller as well. I hope I am allowed to post this. It arrived in 5 days. I think it is great but certainly not cheap $$. The case is only 44% leather with several other ingredients but I could care less:
Canon label:
leather 44%
PU 16%
pulp 20%
metal 11%
nylon 3%
other 6%

It is a terrific fit for the G11. I have both left the flap hanging and removed it to leave in the car.

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