Canon G11 Leather Case

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Re: Canon G11 Leather Case

If I plan to take more than one picture, I snap it off and place it in my pocket or in my bag. If I am taking a quick snapshot I just open and leave it hanging. When I was a kid I used to do the same with the eveready bag of my father's Kodak Retinette and with my first SRL, which came with the eveready bag and a 50 mm lens. Actually sometimes I got "thumbs up" from people around me, because of the retro-look of this eveready case, that makes it look like an old rangefinder and hence less intimidating, because a lot of people, especially old people, associate old cameras with "I'm taking just one picture, carefully composed and exposed" and not "Now I will take 200 shots of you in 10 minutes". I hope I expressed my points, the retro-look of the G10 in the leather case and my humble attitude have helped me getting the picture I wanted in more than one occasion.

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