Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Sliding Scale...

Port Royal Dad wrote:

I would have ranked this as a Middle-Class (but aspiring to look well off) wedding.

The location for the ceremony and the reception was to die for! But the actual ceremony (priest, ect) needed a lot of polishing. About 50 guests.

It was funny was like someone rang the dinner bell; when the bell rang SLRs pop out of every purse and coat jacket.


50 guests is quite a small wedding -- adding 10 SLR shooters, I am quite sure it would have appeared as a photo convention! Wow, I've not had that happen to me. I'm usually able to command respect from most everyone, and I have had to dampen the enthusiasm of some SLR shooters a bit by very carefully, kindly, respectfully, putting them in their place. This usually occurs when they become too brazen and cut in when I need to make a shot.

It's OK for them to get their snapshots, but if they are intruding on my ability to do my job for the clients, then something must be done. If direct intervention and a few kind words do not work, then a word to the couple should quiet things down so I can work.

As far as quality goes, the snapshooters do not get my lighting, as I control my lights, so their photos are going to look rather poor. Snapshooters rarely, if ever, have a decent flash, much less the knowledge to use it.

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