DSLR Video - how does it work? (techincal)

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Re: Highly unlikely, just your theory?

GodSpeaks wrote:

From your response I think you are angry because you did not get an answer that matched your assumptions. Now why it would matter is beyond me.

You are right, that is why I god upset. And my assumptions were right, read all the evidence that DSPhotographer brought.
It matters because I hate people spreading misinformation.

The details of down conversion are unimportant to me as long as the end result is of high quality. If you are truely interested in finding out, doing your own

The thing is, that if you read what DSPhotographer wrote, you will understand why you cannot get high quality from these cameras!

research would be much more productive than asking on this forum. Then perhaps you would be in a position to educate others rather than denigrate them.

I did, in my first post I said why it was impossible to just downsample. Despite that, some ignorant user dos not even read what I wrote and instead start to spread misinformation. Thus I bit back.

This forum is intended for this type of questions. Please read the forum rules.

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