Please convince me to keep S90 (or not)

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Please convince me to keep S90 (or not)

Perhaps many here are tired of these type threads, so if you fall into that category I apologize and ask for your patience.

Anyway, here's the situation. I bought an S90 at Best Buy about 2 weeks ago (I have until Monday for a return/exchange). I have a 5 year old P&S with manual controls that takes pretty nice pictures (to me and evidently many others who have looked at some pictures I've taken -- I'm not a pixel peeper and I'm not an expert). I decided it might be time for an upgrade given advances with image stabilization, etc.

This is why I chose the S90 (no particular order):

(1) I want to learn more about photography (although I'm not certain how much I'll actually get into it) and the S90 has full manual controls

(2) Wanted something small and pocketable.

(3) I wanted very good image quality and liked the idea of low light ability (although I don't expect that most of pictures will necessarily be low light, I imagine some will).

(4) video is less important to me.

(5) Not a good reason, but I (like many I suppose) got a little caught up in the anticipation and hype of the "next great camera."

Why I am having second thoughts (no particular order):

(1) I would have liked to have had more zoom and I would prefer not to have to carry 2 pocket cameras (kind of defeats the purpose) although I may get a second larger camera (DSLR or Bridge camera) at some point.

(2) While the S90 is small, I actually would have liked something even a little smaller if possible for carrying in my shirt pocket.

(3) My pictures to date have not been any better than my 5 year old camera (at the non-pixel peeper level) except that I certainly am capable of better low light pictures without a flash (maybe that's all I can hope for). I concede that I have a lot to learn and am not yet comfortable with the camera controls.

(4) Again, probably not a good reason, but there are so many negative comments and dissapointments on this forum, I am beginning to wonder if the camera is very good. Particular concern is sharpness and blown highlights. I honestly don't see myself wanting to spend very much time post processing.

I realize nothing is going to be perfect and satisfy all of my wish list. However, I do have this nagging feeling like perhaps there may be a better and cheaper solution (not that money is the driving force behind my decision, it is always a consideration).

If I had to do it over, I probably would have waited to buy the camera from a store with a more generous return policy so I could spend more time with the camera. That said, it may be that I need several months before I can really assess how I feel about the camera. I suppose if at that time I decide I don't like it, there is always Ebay

Anyway, thanks for listening/reading, and I would appreciate thoughts comments.

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