RESULTS! ***** Challenge No.88: COLORS*****

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RESULTS! ***** Challenge No.88: COLORS*****

Ok folks, here it is, the results for Challenge 88 – COLORS. First, challenges links:

This challenge was so much harder to judge than any other I did before, since the theme allowed for the full gamut of photographic styles. That, together with work trips all along the week (from where I could check DPR’s about the new cameras ;), but not organize the judging), made for this very long delay, for which I ask you to forgive me. I spent, each evening of the last week, at least an hour looking at and comparing images.

So: final tally, 130 images from more than 100 participants, not a record here, but one of the big ones. All photographic styles were represented, interestingly portraits almost didn’t show, mostly sunsets/sunrises, landscapes, flowers, insects (and flowers), birds, reflections, windows, water, some abstracts and street/people shots.

From the 130, I first selected a group of about 65 images, then refined that to 40. Then I extracted the finalists, a group of 25 photographs, 15 (actually 14) honourable mentions and the final 10 (actually 11), including winners. I want to say to those that didn’t get images mentioned below and next posts, your images were all, w/o exception, very good ones, but some lacked impact related to theme, or had lots of competition from similar images which were better.

Below is the list of the 15 photographs that made the top 40 but not the finalist group, in alphabetical order of login name.

Alexring - Argostoli Reflections, Greece: Nice Alex, but only one shot in the top 25 by same participant.

CGS11 - Chapel Window: nice window, maybe composition could be better.

cPez – Lit: nice colors but flowers were a tough competition here.

David A. Hammets – Way-O-Tapu: very nice find, but composition is not the best for subject, you really needed an extreme WA lens here and a good angle to make it work. Check Ian Bramhan’s and Alexring’s shots in the forum galleries.

DezM - Little Red Lighthouse RGB: Dez, same as Alexring, if DR had been the theme this one would be the one higher up.

Dominikpl72 – no title: very nice main subject, but background reduced impact for me.

MacDeb – Butterfly: Beautiful, not as colorful as required for challenge, but a very very nice BF shot.

Mindagaus Grigas – no title: very nice flower, again, flowers were the hardest to judge, many very nice.

Minhay – Early sun: Amanda, sunsets/sunrises were crowded here, and you have another image, no? ;).

Punctu – Sprites: nice night light show, but there was competition for that as well.

RaghuKadava – Powerful skies: I like the composition, but then colors are amiss a bit.

Ravncat – Vortex: nice abstract, I can’t point why this isn’t higher, but that’s how it turned out, maybe I wanted some more impact, can’t say.

Sailpaner – Aloft: very nice, I only missed some focus or even more WA to create impact.

Strem - The Magic of Lanterns: nice composition and colors, but distance reduced impact for me.

Ukitali – Beach: I like this one, its flat and basic composition. Almost got into top 25, maybe just a little contrast enhancement to bring colors up a bit (not much), would have pushed it up.

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