Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: The pros were hired by B&G (have some respect)

As I stated right off the bat...I have the utmost respect for the professional...they're totally cool!

Jan Morales wrote:

If you or "SLR guests" are comfortable wasting presumably your friends' or family's money, then by all means interfere with the pros' job. I would think that some modicum of love and/or respect for people you're supposed to care about would get you to stay out of the pros' way, but what do I know?

I don’t see how any one of the “SLR guests” wasted anyone’s money; but if the situation is not approached properly, they could become serious distractions.

But I'm not sure about what you know ...please, enlighten.

But one thing is for certain, as anyone reads through the many, many replies posted, they'll see a vast amount of information and tips given on how professionals handle situations.

If the B&G had wanted you to shoot their wedding, wouldn't they have asked you?

Well... yes. I suppose they would have. I guess my marketing plans really stinks.

Still does not change the fact that SLRs are soooo prevalent now...that everybody has one. And everyone brings their own. It just seemed to be an interesting dilemma for those hard working, full time professionals.

And what does the word "guest" mean to you, anyway?

Ummm...well, I did received an invitation to the wedding. And on it was written, (I’m paraphrasing here), “we would like you to be our "guest"... well, I think it means they wanted me to attend, and witness the event... I don't know...what do you think?

Hell, guest could mean anything…slobbering drunk, crying friends, happy cousin, or a SLR tote’n uncle…ah hell, make that 10 SLR tot’n uncles.


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