S90 - Liked it but Returned for G11 --> a short story to share.....

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S90 - Liked it but Returned for G11 --> a short story to share.....

Utilizing DSLR’s for the majority of my picture taking needs - I was very interested in the newly released "Point-n-Shoot" from Canon with "RAW" and "Manual" abilities to sublimit my usual armada. My DSLR’s do not have built in flashes and are a bit big for taking quick family pics while out at dinner, on little strolls, social gatherings, etc.

After many years having an S70 fulfill this roll (gotta have my RAW files) with the purchase of my 5DmkII last year I also replaced the S70 with the then released G10 and was pretty happy with it with the one complaint being its use above ISO 400 and perhaps the better IQ as seen on my friends (three of them) G9’s compared to my then new G10...

Seeing the release news on the new G11 with the increased pixel size ala less pixels per surface area (via lower Megapixel count of the cameras sensor as compared to my G10) and the Canon boasts of "better ISO performance and IQ" over the “just one year old” G10 - I was considering this trade up from my G10 when the double wammy "S90 with same sensor" news was released a few minutes latter via a refresh of the web site (DPReview) that I was viewing....

After much thought - went with the S90 (same sensor as G11 so smaller is better - right?). I found in the past a benefit the S70 was I could always have it around with me - and after this summer with the G10 while on vacation and other picture taking adventures I noted the smaller size could be of benefit of the S90 over my G10 (going to dinner or out for quick stroll - don't want to drag the SLR around, what lens and flash to bring, etc.) little baby camera case vice just sticking an S90 in my shorts or pants pocket…

So - searching the San Diego area found a local Best Buy that just got a few in stock. Ran over with a friend - charged the battery and started snapping......

Now I don't know if this thought was already lurking in my head from previous posts that I read or what - but the first thing I did (without thinking) was push down on the top rear left corner of the S90 camera (behind the flash) and DAMN IT - it was FLEXING.

As reported by a few others here - if you push down on the area behind the pop up flash (I noticed it when I was holding the camera in this area to take a picture) it flexes. I still played with the camera a bit using the menus, different switches, etc. and took many, many shots (which looked great via Raw on the big monitors in my studio)….

An hour latter I was still bugging out on that corner flex - so I went to Best Buy and told them what was up - asked if we could pull another new camera out of stock and if it did not “flex” swap the cameras - they said "Sure"....

So - while the sales person pulls out the new S90 camera I press this "Suspect Area" on the S90 camera on display and Wow - NO FLEX... Excited we open up the new camera and Oops - this one (at first not as much flex as my camera purchased - but after a few "presses" simulating holding the camera taking pictures) it moves more, and more, and more... flex, Flex, FLex, FLEx, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX….

Two minutes of thought (Love the Size of the S90 - Test Pictures Looked Great - but the buttons were a bit small for me - ease of access to features on the G11 with less menus - and no flex) I returned the S90 and went with the G11. The build quality of the G11 seemed just a bit better (perhaps due to design) over the S90….

The G11 immediately felt like my G10 and I was off and shooting - Can't believe it but I actually like the articulating screen - THE ONLY THING ON THE G11 compared to the G10 that I don’t like - the function\set button (round button that spins on the outside - move up\down\left\right and presses center) is not the same one used on the G10 - and feels bit cheaper. Oh well.........

So liked the S90 - but for my big hands and not being able to live with that stupid flex in the case went to a KNOWN friend - the upgraded G10 - G11.

Will that little FLEX affect your pictures, HECK NO, might it get worst, MAYBE, was I 100% happy with the S90 if it wasn’t flexing (my big hands needs little bit bigger buttons) maybe but the one thing I will say – That S90 takes some great pictures!!!

Picture quality of the G11 over the G10 - Big Difference at ISO 400 and above - and dare might I say better IQ at 100 & 200.....

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