Any D3 shooters switiching to Canon 1DMKIV?

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Re: Bandwagon People!

It is funny how these posts sprout up in panic, with the introduction of a new product from Nikon's competitors (well...Canon anyhow)! I think that is partially Nikons fault. As Nikon owners, we had tough times between the D1 and the D2x where we waited and waited. We had to wait 5 years between the time the 1Ds came out in 2002 and the D3 in 2007. In that time Canon came out with a MarkII and MarkIII Ds. When Nikon did come out full frame, it came out with a Vengance. The D3, the D700 and the D3x came in what seems like one right after another. That's good. Nikon made up for alot. Now the 1D MkIV...16 Megs...high iso. Panic Panic...What is Nikon going to do? I have a picture of my grandson taking a swat at a baseball. Other than the fact that it is too closely cropped (thats me, not the camera, a D3), I find myself asking,"What is wrong with the image quality of this picture?" Even at 13x19 this "obsolete" 12meg camera produced one heck of a shot. My camera is doing what I want it to do and doing it well. I am not going to panic and I am certainly not switching.

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