MacBook Pro and Canon Pro9000ii

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MacBook Pro and Canon Pro9000ii

Just got a Canon Pro9000 mark ii and I can't get the print colors to match the monitor on my MacBook Pro. I'm getting the dreaded "magenta tint" and the printed photos are darker than the screen photo. Perhaps somebody with the same or similar setup can help.

Here are the facts:

1. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.1. I've installed the new Canon Pro9000ii driver for SL.

2. My monitor is calibrated using a Spyder Pro2 with ColorEyes Display Pro software.

3. I use a D300 and shoot RAW in Adobe RGB. I use Capture NX2 for PP and save to a TIFF that I then import to Aperture for cataloguing and some additional PP.

4. I am using Canon Platinum Pro paper, so I use the Canon Pro9000 Mark II series PT1 profile.

5. I've tried printing in Aperture 2 using both the ColorSync Profile settings "System Managed" and the "Output Profile" PT1. For PT1, I have to uncheck the "Black Point Compensation" box or the thumbnail has a purple cast. The thumbnail looks like the screen photo, but the printed results under either setting are virtually the same. Curiously, there appears to be no way to turn off printer color management in the dialog box that comes up when you click on "Print Settings" in Aperture.

6. I've tried printing in Photoshop CS3 using both "No Color Management" and "Photoshop Manages Colors" plus the PT1 profile. When using "Photoshop Manages Colors," the thumbnail on the print page matches the screen colors with the "Working RGB" or "Adobe RGB" profiles, but shows the magenta cast when I select the Canon Pro9000 mark ii PT1 profile. The printed results for "NCM" as well as for all the profiles I've tested under "Printer Profile" show the same magenta cast and darkened image.

7. I've tried printing in NX2 with both "Use Source Profile" and "Use Color Management" with the PT1 printer profile (and other profiles as well). I've also tried turning "Use Black Point Compensation" on and off with no success. Same results.

8. I've alternated between Perceptual and Relative Colormetric settings in all three applications with no success.

9. With both NX2 and CS3, I've been able to access the printer dialogue box and select "Color Matching" and then select "ColorSync" and the PT1 profile instead of "Canon Color Matching." This has the effect of turning off any of the printer's "Color Options."

10. I've run the printer maintenance utility to ensure that the nozzles are clean and aligned.

There must be something I'm missing here, but I'm not sure what it is. I think the magenta (or red) cast is because both the application and the printer are doing color management, but I've done everything I know to do to turn off printer color management.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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