Canon Line Offset Noise

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Mark H
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Re: Absolutely agree...

John Sheehy wrote:

Mark H wrote:

No doubt quite a few thousand of the 7D are now in the hands of their new owners.

And how many of these thousands of 7Ds owners have encountered problems - certainly not   "a very high percentage" .

Who cares what the average photographer notices right away?

O.K. - just how long do you think it's going to take before all these "average photographer(s)" notice that their cameras are fine. Or, do they really need to be some sort of "special photographer" (like yourself?) to notice that their cameras are bad?

I seems that to you, every good camera is a potential 'bad camera' that is just waiting to be discovered.

You appear to only care about your own 'agenda' - and you don't particularly care about potentially misrepresenting the wider situation in the process.

You said...

John Sheehy wrote:

We have simply seen a very high percentage of poorly balanced gains in the first few 7D.

...which is a statement that, potentially, grossly misrepresents the wider situation.

How representative of the 'population' is your very small, narrow (and almost certainly distorted) 'sample' likely to be - nowhere near sufficient to be representative, I would strongly contend.

Exactly how many of the several tens of thousands of 7Ds out there have you seen with "poorly balanced gains" (or is it 'offsets', or both, or...) - it is certainly not   "a very high percentage" of the greater population.


P.S. Just in case you might have overlooked this - will you be answering the question/request I ask of you earlier in this thread... ...anytime soon?

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