LX3 night shots - My first few lessions

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LX3 night shots - My first few lessions

I 've just got my LX3 about 2 weeks ago and have taken just over a 1000 pics. I 've read & learned from you all in this wonderful forum. I just want to share a fewhints & lessions I've learned the hard way, hoping to get more ideas/discussion/inspirations from others.

1. Taking Macro shots :

I was immediately stunt by the first few shots, but I want to do better, some hints below, but pls comment and suggest anything else I should try

  • F2.0 give very shallow DoF, try F5.0 or above, experiment till you're happy

  • Try using flash, but need to adjust EV + or - and could get some amazing results

  • Be careful of background & angle of shots, flower, wind, sun rays could work for or against you

2. Night shots:

This is where I've had the most frustration. In fact I set my self 1 more day of testing before definitely returning my LX3. I'm glad now that I've persisted. I used to have a Oly C5060 & I so used to getting great night shots from it. The LX3 is a different tool. Here is what I 've found out about the LX3:

  • Do not confuse the LX3 by taking twilight shots. Do it in good sunlight or dark (until you're more familiar withit, I guess).

  • Because the LX3 has a motion detector in it, at full darkness, you need to steady the LX3 on a tripod or a surface for at least 2-3 sec before pressing the shutter ! Even in Scene mode-Night scenary, it will only use ISO-80 with long exposure (> 6 sec) when it detect absolutely no movements. If you rest your LX3 on a bridge which may have traffic vibrations, it can still detect the smallest jitters and will go ISO-800 with shutter say 1/8 sec. Not that the alternative is nec. worse then ISO-80, but its nice to know before hand.

  • Look for colours in night shots, even shades of clouds can come out well in long exposure at low ISO.

I am still learning. Happy to hear other experiences/suggestions. Thanks and have a great day everyone.

Thach Ly

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