possible Laser Camera coming from Canon

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possible Laser Camera coming from Canon

i follow a company called Microvision .com

on their Conference Call just now they said they will be showing this camera privately at MacWorld next year. i know they have been working with Canon for about 4 yrs. so you might see a StandAlone projector coming from Canon too. BUT

Question for the "camera techs":

it has a single 1mm mirror painting one dot at a time with a image resolution of 848x480, with 60 frames per sec output. ya i know not the 16 megs your use too.
they can stitch 4 or more these light engines together for more resolution.
the question comes down to:

any ideas as to the lowest/highest shutter speeds that would make this camera workable?
is this all just smoke and mirrors from this company about a camera?

thanks - i hope this is the place to ask this question.

i'm thinking the SS will limit this so called camera to less then what people think when they use the word camera.

they already have this camera on the end of a endoscope. images are real good. but the objects a close. ;))
they also have a Laser flash in the works.

this company has just released a laser projector that can put out a focus free image 200" dia. in a dark setting. the projector will most likely be the one companies are going to put into cameras and cell phones. there or other projector that can go into cameras but none able to take an image as well a projector an image. CC also said by the end of 2010 you'll see this projector in cell phones and cameras will follow.

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