S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: G11 over the S90

rkhndjr wrote:

venice80 wrote:

[quote]Lol, well there's always going to be someone who complains about something, huh? "to small"...chuckle.[ quote]

I don't see anything wrong with someone wanting a bigger camera. If you're going to pay over $400 for a point and shoot, the person has every right to return it if they don't love it. No need to make fun of people.

If you will notice, when these threads get long the negative stuff starts.

Ok, I guess looking back I could have phrased it differently, but there's no reason for anyone to take offense. I wasn't making fun of anyone personally at all, I just think it's funny. It's funny in that "you can't please everyone" sort of way. It's funny in that "different people have different needs and expectations, don't take any one person's dislikes to seriously" sort of way.

After reading a bunch of threads from people who insist that the s90 is crap, for everyone, all the time, and the lcd is "useless" because it's not a viewfinder - it's refreshing to be reminded that, you know, just because something doesn't work for one person doesn't actually mean that it's complete crap for everyone else, no matter how strongly that viewfinder person thinks it is.

Imagine that I bought a bike and complained endlessly about the shifter A's on it, and finally got my shifters replaced with shifter B, and talk about how crappy the shifters were, thinking they were terrible for everyone. Then I talked to my friend, who endlessly goes on about how they used the have shifter B, but they were crap, terrible, etc and he finally got them replaced with shifter A, which were waaaaaaaay better.

A lot of us have had all this angst to find a camera that's small and performs well in low light and takes good pics, it's kind of funny to find someone who bought the s90, then decided what they didn't like about it was that it was to small so they got something larger.

I definitely didn't say "this person made a bad decision". Maybe I could have worded it better. I still think it's a really funny situation. No personal diss was intended at all, despite my perhaps poor choice of words.

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